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Numind Consultancy believes Mental Health to be important in one’s overall well-being. Students are an important and integral part in the future of a nation.

At Numind Online Counselling, one to one Counselling services both to Students and Parents are provided, in order to solve Physical, Behavioural, Mental and other emotional concerns.


Guidance to students to overcome phobia, to inculcate study habits and other related problem are also addressed.

Counselling is the service offered to the individual undergoing problems and need professional help. When the problem is not looked into, it keeps popping up, disturbing the mental health. The individual becomes high strung and tense, which hampers and stunts his development. This calls for specialized services and can be handled by trained and experienced personnel which we are enhanced with.


At Numind Consultancy special service is 'focus on student'. Life is the most difficult exam. Guidance and Counseling will assist them to face life difficulties with ease and fulfillment.

We also provide the road map for students career development, aptitude test, appropriate selection of subject, college and University in India and Abroad.


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