Skolastik Tutelage

Skolastik Tutelage is an institute, designed to raise aspirations through education and create the complete child for modern and the changing world.


Skolastik Tutelage is the symbol of achievement, well-known for developing a strong academic foundation of every child which is the unique feature of our Institute. We not only coach students, but also set the skills to unlock their true potentials to succeed in academics and beyond, the love to learn, and motivate to learn on their own. By helping to build self-confidence, Tutelage leaves students feeling empowered with the desire to achieve more and create a centre of excellence, thereby bringing confidence and pride.


Skolastik Tutelage aid Learning Enrichment by formulating a dedicated skill set for your child’s success:

  •  Identifying Your Child’s Learning Needs
  •  Individualized Plan
  •  Esteem building skills that will let your child:
    •  Gain confidence and self-esteem
    •  Have a positive mental attitude
    •  Feeling accomplished
    •  Winner


Skolastik Tutelage evaluate progress at each level by establishing skills, tools and techniques in a focused manner:

  •  Assessment
  •  Group learning program
  •  Independent study sessions
  •  Learn as you go
  •  Keep up with the workload
  •  Practice makes Perfect



 Regular attendance is compulsory. Absence must be communicated to the office and a leave note from parents must be submitted at the next lecture.

 Students should be present at the premises at least 10 minutes before the class commences.

 Students are requested to attend the batch allotted to them.

 We insist on high standards of discipline. Hence expect all our students to conduct themselves with grace and care.

 Students are requested to maintain perfect silence in and around the classrooms.

 A good ambience and clean environment keeps our mind fresh. The students are requested to maintain the classrooms neat and tidy.

 Students are requested not to chew bubble gum in premises.

 Students carrying mobile phones should switch them off before entering the class. Failing to do so, the cell phone will be confiscated.

 Students are entirely responsible for their personal belongings.

 Students should respect the teachers and staff of the Institute.

 Inform us in writing if your child remains absent or wishes to leave before time.

 In case your child has any difficulty regarding academics please feel free to contact us.

 Please make sure that your child is doing his/her home work daily and sincerely without taking any help.

 On a weekly basis please check your child’s studies.

 Please make sure that your child appears for every test/examination regularly.

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