Aditya Divekar Topper of Euro School Thane 98.4% ICSE Board 2020

Arya joined her tution in 8th standard.she got 90.6 % In her 10 board exam ICSE and aggregate 88.6%. She enjoyed tution...I used word enjoy means she never said she don't want to go tution.

Overall study, meditation .positive guidance she got from her teachers...specially Vandana mam always gave support and confidence to her. Teachers are always ready to support kids.Teachers are strict but very helpful in class.

Career Guidance Aptitude facility given at class helped Arya to take right decision

Thank you for counseling student n for every support and your guidance.

Neelam Satre ( Arya Mother - Std X, 2019 batch )

Dear Vandana Mam,

I am extremely grateful to Vandana Mam for building confidence within me. An inspirer. An empower. An engager these three characteristics are just a small sample of the many Mam demonstrated with all of students every single day.

My Journey with Skolastik Tutelage began since I was in Std 5 Grade. I had difficulty in studying certain subjects. I personally in studies was nothing worth appreciation. Teachers at Skolastik helped me come out of these difficulties and constant counseling and guidance from Vandana Mam, helped to boost my confidence.

Vandana Mam changed my whole aspect on learning and approach toward study and life. She taught me how to get to the top and show capability with hardwork and lots of dedication to what you do. My journey with Vandana mam was so remarkable that I cannot forget. Though she was strict she created an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing and boosted my moral. Her strictness and motivation really bought lot of changes within me academically and personally. I started believing in me and my approach for studies really changed from negative to positive.

Mam always supported me and lightened my path till today, and this is how I improved in academics by scoring 87.4% in 10th. I would specially like to mention - I was very bad scoring in my subjects like geography, EVS but with EVS subject till Prelims almost clean out, but Vandana Mam literally sat by me and made me do the subject she kept motivating me I can do and made me do it and finally when I scored 87 /100 in Board and top in subject in class it was unbelievable.

Thanks for showing faith in me and trying to make my parents believe in me. Mam you not only made me cope up with my academics but u also made me realized my caliber within. You metmorphed me from a naive girl like a caterpillar to a intelligent beautiful girl like a butterfly.

I completed my HSC (Commerce) and my journey for ACCA professional course begins along with my graduation studies. I am thankful Mam, for showing me this path. I will put my Best and make my Parents and You feel proud.

Your loving student

Riddhi B

For both my kids currently aged 16 yrs Amey and 8 yrs Aaryaman, Ms. Vandana Sawant has been a great tutor, mentor, counsellor and a friend. She plays all the roles discreetly as per the child’s psychology. For a working mom like myself, I must say I can’t thank enough for her contribution. My kids have been in safe hands and I was totally unstressed while at work. So when she asked me to write a review, I thought I will put in the form of a table as Before & Current.

Amey before he joined Skolastik

Amey got an admission into Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School in 1st standard. As a child he could not cope up with the syllabus and teaching pattern of the new school. Even after 6 months mid-term he was not doing well at school. It was a nightmare for me to attend the Parent-Teacher meeting. Sometimes he would just draw lines that looked like a ECG machine report and entire note book would be full of Red marks that teacher gave. I felt helpless.

I enrolled him in Phonetics classes, Hand Writing Classes, private tuitions etc. I also took him to IPH for child counselling. I felt that the child and we parents were under tremendous pressure.

Finally a good friend of mine recommended me to join him at Skolastiks Tutelage with Ms. Vandana. And then slowly things started to shift.

First thing Vandana told me was ‘I am going to be very strict’. I simply trusted her. I never ever questioned her for anything till date.

Amey always loved to go to her classes. She is friendly at the same time strict with class work. The best thing is she always kept me informed about him. She sensed he was a sensitive child and always sensitized me towards him. We together saw him through from a little child to adolescent. We always balanced things out by communicating with each other.


The changes that I see in Amey today are tremendous.

Academically from a child who had learning problems he has moved a long way in scoring 91% in his 10th ICSE Boards. We were happily shocked LOL.

Because of continuous counselling by Vandana he started focusing on long term vision. He took his own decision to take up Commerce and drop Science. Although sceptical we backed him. He scored well and we were happy about his decision.

His self confidence improved and from an introvert he became an extrovert. Today participates in MUN’s very confidently.

He secured admission in Singhania for IBDP program and is doing well. He does his own self study now. He wants to pursue further studies abroad and I feel confident that he is responsible and can independently live anywhere in the world. I can’t thank Vandana enough on the amazing transformation Amey went through.

Aaryaman before he joined Skolastik

My another sweet little kid, who is chubby and cute was having learning problems close to dyslexia. He too is studying in Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School.

This problem was recognized by his tuition teacher who was also a Psychologist, when he was in Senior KG. All hell broke open for us, and we thought to ourselves “Oh my God! Not again”. He had learning problems like mirror images, would was confused with similar looking alphabets and numbers like he would read P as b or 2 as 5 etc.

Due to this, he was unable to read and write. His self confidence went absolutely low because his friends could read paragraphs and he was struggling with reading simple words. The school enrolled him with school counsellors who would take special classes for students with learning problems.

He is extremely competitive and gets angry if he does’nt win and shows his anger in terms of throwing tantrums. But otherwise Aaryaman is an extremely polite, helpful and a sweet guy. So this time I straight away took him to Vandana without wasting much time.


As always Vandana with her magic wand (joking) with lot of dedication and hard work turned him around.

Now Aaryaman is with Vandana for 2 years. He now reads and writes wells. He has developed fondness for Maths.

He scores B, B+ and A in his subjects.

He has neat hand writing.

His self confidence has boosted. He loves Arts and Crafts.

He has come out of his learning problems like mirror images etc.

He does his self study when he gets homework independently without my help.

I am quite glad that he is doing well now.

He will be going into 4th Standard next year.

Lately on his own he has taken up physical activities like cycling, badminton etc because Vandana counselled him to shed weight and to become physically and mentally active.

The best part of Vandana is that she does’nt focuses only on studies but overall well being of the child.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vandana immensely. Our entire world revolves around our children and I am fortunate that I have her in my life to guide and mentor my children. Both my sons adore her, especially the elder one always looks up to her for guidance even now after he left Skolastik Tulelage a year back after his 10th standard.

Thanks a ton Vandana.

- Rohini Basangar


Skolastik tutelage has been an integral part of my life. I joined the classes while I was in the 9th grade. For a average student I was fairly good in my studies but I needed a lot of improvement. I always used to struggle with my basic concepts, theories etc. I was always confused as how should I study .? Where should I begin with.? But after joining skolastik I , not only became a better student but also a better human being. Vandana miss, Vanita Miss, Sir, and the entire teaching staff at skolastik helped a lot to cope up with my studies and prepared me for my 10th std board exams. All the teaching sessions were personalized. Each and every doubt of ours was cleared no matter how many times we asked. The teachers laid emphasis on learning rather than scoring high marks or getting the 1st rank. Our learning process was student friendly and easy to adapt. Our concepts were made thorough, our foundation was made strong, regular tests were taken which helped us to cope with tests; not only in tuitions but also at school.

During my school days I had phobia of exams. Every night before the exam I used to panic thinking that I would black out in the middle of paper or I would fail this exam. During this period vandana miss helped a lot by giving me small counselling sessions before exams. She used to boost my confidence , reassure me of my preparation, encouraged me ; as a result of which I scored 91.3% in 10th Board Exams. I truly am grateful to Skolatik Tutelage for this and many more things in my life .

- Gauri Nibhande



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